Frequently Asked Dental Questions Part 1

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Frequently Asked Dental Questions Part 1

Dental Q & A with Dr. Martin and Dr. Taylor Recognized as two of the nation’s top dentists, Dr. Jeff Martin and Dr. Will Taylor are frequently asked dental questions. We sat down with the doctors and asked them to share some of the most common or interesting questions they’ve been asked and, of course, their answers! What are the dangers of oral piercings? Dr. Martin says wearing jewelry on the tongue or anywhere in the mouth or lips can cause a person to chip, crack or even break their teeth, especially if the jewelry worn is metal. Often this happens when someone … Continue reading

Dr. Will Taylor – Happily Serving on the Board for Youth on Their Own

Yoto student

Earlier this year, Dr. Will Taylor was asked to become a board member for the Youth on Their Own program. He couldn’t say yes fast enough. Dr. Taylor is passionate about YOTO’s mission and vision, which is to serve the population of homeless and unaccompanied youth in Pima County. YOTO’s ultimate goal is to help these kids stay in school and obtain their high school diploma and opportunities for self-sufficiency. Founded in 1986 by Ann Young, a guidance counselor in the Amphitheater School District, the organization addresses the challenges faced by students who, for a myriad of reasons, have found themselves without … Continue reading

Let’s Get Things Straight!

Chipped teeth

Dr. Taylor Shares a Malocclusion Case Meredith felt a bit panicky. As she brushed her teeth one morning, she noticed yet another chip in one of her front teeth. Discovering chips in her front teeth had become all too common and she knew she had to do something before her teeth got any worse. She was so happy she had been seeing a dentist for the past few years whom she really trusted. The Cause of Her Chipped Teeth- Malocclusion Meredith’s dentist, Dr. Will Taylor, explained that in dental terms Meredith suffered from a condition known as malocclusion, which is when … Continue reading

Grayline: Providing Dental Services for Tucson’s Under-Served Kids for Over 35 Years

grayline providing dental services for tucsons under served kids for over 35 years in Tucson AZ area

For Dr. Jeff Martin, an important aspect of his dentistry practice is making sure he can volunteer his time and skill to the under-served people in his community. One of Dr. Martin’s favorite programs to work with is the Grayline program. Coordinated by the Dental Services for Tucson Unified School District, the Grayline program provides free dental care for eligible TUSD students. The program is designed for K-12 students who are ineligible for other programs, but have urgent dental needs and who meet the income requirements. The dentists and dental hygienists participating in Grayline provide care for the students with urgent dental … Continue reading

Bringing the Effects of Bruxism to a Grinding Halt!

Doctor Martin with patient

Dr. Martin Shares A True Story of Smile Enhancement Dr. Martin’s patient, Ted, was a grinder. In fact, Ted had been grinding his teeth for so long, he had worn some of his teeth down to almost half their original height. Ted suffered from a condition known as bruxism, which is when people clench and grind their teeth consistently enough to cause damage to the teeth. If left untreated, the teeth can be notably worn down. In Ted’s case, he was such a severe grinder, his front teeth were breaking and were significantly shorter than they were 30 years ago. … Continue reading

Dental Implants in a Day? Is the Hype for Real?

Dental implants in a day is the hype for real in Tucson AZ area

What’s the old saying? If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. According to Dr. Martin at Martin Taylor Dentistry, that appears to be the case with many of the ads you’ve been seeing about Dental Implants in a Day. Bottom line? There is a one day appointment where the  implants and temporary teeth are placed. However, there are multiple appointments that lead up to that “day” and many appointments to follow.The teeth-in-a-day are temporary until the bone adheres to the implant (~4 months). Also, according to Dr. Martin, the claims that most dental insurance plans cover one-day implants … Continue reading

Snore Guards – Saving One Marriage at a Time!

snore guards saving one marriage at a time in Tucson AZ area

Dr. Jeff Martin and Dr. Will Taylor are not marriage counselors, but they’ve certainly done their part in saving a few marriages! What have they done to have such a profound impact on the marital bliss of their patients? Provide a snore guard! Such an easy fix for such a prevalent problem in marriage! In fact, according to Colleen Carney, Director of Ryerson’s Sleep and Depression Laboratory, as many as 30-40 per cent of married couples sleep in different beds due to one spouse keeping the other awake! And as you well know, sleepy campers are not happy campers! Why … Continue reading

Quiz Yourself! How Much Do You Know About Home Dental Care?

How much do you know about Home Care? Everyone knows how to take of their teeth, right? Actually many people are unsure about the basic steps of good home dental care. Let’s see how well you do? 1) How often should you brush and floss? Brush three times a day and floss at least once a day.Brush once a day, floss only if you feel food between your teeth.Brush your teeth every other day and floss once a week. 2) What is the optimum amount of time you should spend brushing your teeth? 4 minutes.45 seconds.2 minutes. 3) Should you … Continue reading

Gingivitis and Periodontitis

Dracula holding toothbrush

Have you ever brushed or flossed your teeth and seen BLOOD? Many of us have and don’t realize that bleeding gums are never normal, okay, or something to be dismissed. Bleeding gums are one of the signs of gingivitis and periodontitis, and if left unattended, can lead to serious health problems. The good news is, if caught early enough, a few simple changes in your dental hygiene routine can eliminate the problem altogether. What is the Difference Between Gingivitis and Periodontitis? Both are stages of gum disease caused by bacteria, with gingivitis being the first stage and periodontitis being the more advanced stage. … Continue reading

Four Most Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Four Most Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity Zingers. You’ve most likely experienced a few in your life. And we’re not talking about snarky remarks. We’re talking about that short sharp pain you can experience when biting into something cold, like a popsicle. Tooth sensitivity can also happen with sweet or hot foods, while biting down or chewing, or sometimes  just breathing in. Tooth sensitivity is caused by the gradual exposure of the softer part of your tooth called dentin. Dentin has tiny fluid filled tubes that lead to the tooth nerve. Eating or drinking things that are hot, cold or … Continue reading

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Dr. Taylor, Dr. Martin, and their entire staff are the very best. The front desk staff, the dental assistants, and dental hygienists are excellent. I’ve been to many dentists over the years, and they are the most skilled and professional group of people that I have encountered. You can be confident you will be fully informed about what is recommended for a treatment plan and what it will cost. I’ve had the gamut of dental procedures — crowns, implants, root canals, and more routine care. It’s been made as pleasant and comfortable as possible by their skill, as well as their kindness and understanding. I wholeheartedly recommend Martin and Taylor Dentistry.

Alice L.

Alice L. 4 months ago

I have been a patient of Dr. Taylor’s for most of my adult hood. I have had everything done from a filling to multiple dental implants. All of my procedures have been straightforward with zero complications and as little discomfort as possible. Even after my implants I had minimal pain! Before I saw Dr. Taylor I was terrified of dentists, but he put me at ease with his expertise. The hygienists are kind, thorough but gentle, and knowledgeable. The office staff is very friendly and helpful. The office itself is modern and impeccably clean. I highly recommend Martin Tayler dentistry and won’t trust my teeth to any other dentists.

Rosemary B.

Rosemary B. 3 months ago