Bruxism: Teeth Grinding

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Bruxism: Teeth Grinding

Man teeth grinding

Deena loves her husband very much, yet she simply cannot sleep with him. Something he does during the night has forced her to sleep in the guest room more times than she can count. You are probably thinking he snores, but you are wrong! Yet what he does is just as disturbing to her sleep; he grinds his teeth! The sound of him gnashing his teeth as he sleeps is horrible, yet he seems totally unaware he does it. That is, until he wakes up with a headache and sore jaw.  What Causes People to Grind Their Teeth? Teeth grinding is … Continue reading

Four Foods That Destroy Tooth Enamel

four foods that destroy tooth enamel in Tucson AZ area

Imagine you are the leader of an army and your assignment is to attack and overtake a castle. In planning your strategy you decide to scope out the castle at night so you can see for yourself what you are up against. From the shadows you see something that you are convinced will assure your victory. What did you see? Slivers of light peeking through cracks of the seemingly impenetrable castle walls! To you each tiny shard of light looks like a giant welcome mat for a cannonball! The Battle So what does a medieval battle have to do with … Continue reading

Oral Cancer: 6 Symptoms You Should NOT Ignore

oral cancer 6 symptoms you should not ignore in Tucson AZ area

When Dr. Taylor asks you to stick out your tongue so he can grab it with a piece of gauze and move it around, you might feel a little silly. But to Dr. William Taylor, there is nothing silly about what he is doing. He is checking for signs of oral or esophageal cancer. Given Dr. Taylor’s history, this part of your exam is very personal to him. You see, Dr. Taylor’s mother died of esophageal cancer when Will was just 5 years old. He remembers that her main symptom when she was finally diagnosed was that she had trouble … Continue reading

6 Things Every Parent Should Know About Baby Teeth

6 things every parent should know about baby teeth in Tucson AZ area

Being a parent can be tough. Yet for most of us, the only training we received for the job was having been a kid ourselves! In the area of our babies’ dental health, there are many things our parents may not have taught us. So how do we learn what we need to know? You are doing it right now! You gather the best information you can find! Let Dr. Will Taylor, a Tucson dentist with 3 kids of his own, tell you what every parent needs to know about baby teeth. Even if your baby only has one tooth, … Continue reading

5 Ways to Be The Best Dental Patient

5 ways to be the best dental patient in Tucson AZ area

If there was ever a contest for the most original excuse given for having to cancel a dental appointment, Dr. Martin is sure one of his patients would win. She frantically called the office just a few minutes before she was supposed to arrive. “I’m so sorry but I am not going to be able to make my appointment. I am rushing my duck to the vet! My horse stepped on her!” There are times when emergencies occur and things like horse trodden ducks truly do need your attention. We here at Martin Taylor Dentistry understand that sometimes appointments need … Continue reading

5 Ways to Avoid Periodontal Disease

The stages of periodontal disease

Let’s be honest. Many of us see commercials that talk about gingivitis and we don’t see it as some huge earth-shaking health issue. Maybe we think toothpaste companies are attempting to sell their product using some fancy made-up terminology. In some cases it almost sounds as menacing as cooties and just about as real. Truth is this gingivitis is very real, and it is an indicator that something is definitely wrong. If left unattended, gingivitis will lead to a much more serious condition known as periodontal disease.  The good news is gingivitis is completely reversible. The bad news is periodontal disease is … Continue reading

Tucson Dentist, Jeff Martin: to be Arrested on Philanthropy Charge

Doctor martin behind the bars

Tucson Dentist, Dr. Jeff Martin of Martin Taylor Dentistry is going to jail for good — doing good that is. A warrant has been issued for Martin’s arrest for charges ranging from philanthropy to munificence. (Go ahead, look it up; we’ll wait.) Martin is to be taken into custody at high noon on October 7th, 2014, at Jonathan’s Cork located at 6320 E. Tanque Verde Rd. in Tucson, AZ. His charge of being a philanthropist is not being contested. Only if he is successful in raising the $2400 bail will he be set free. Along with springing Dr. Martin from … Continue reading

The King and Queen of Making Dental Crowns

Anthony and Angeline Mai

Anthony and Angeline Mai of Northwest Dental Laboratory in Tucson When you think of the old Mom and Pop shop, what comes to mind? A corner grocer where Mom runs the cash register and Pop stocks the shelves? In the case of Anthony and Angeline Mai, the scenario is much different. They own and operate Northwest Dental Laboratory in Tucson. Both Anthony and Angeline are highly trained certified dental technicians who, with one other employee, create porcelain dental crowns and bridges for four Tucson dentists, including Martin Taylor Dentistry. There are about 4 million family-owned businesses in the U.S., with more than 1.4 million … Continue reading

Dental Treatment Plans

Old couple surprising when looking they bills

As Sam sat in Dr. Martin’s dental chair he was trying to remember the last time he was here. He remembers going in when one of his teeth cracked after he bit into an almond at the Millers’ Christmas party in 2004. Sam blushed when he realized it had been 10 years. He remembers that Dr. Martin was great at getting him in on an emergency basis that day, and had done a great job fixing his tooth. But now he had horrible pain in a different spot and part of his gum had swollen up. Even though Sam brushed … Continue reading

The Art of Making Dentures

Making denture

A Conversation with Scott Huffstetler of Eastside Dental Services Have you seen the TV program Undercover Boss? It’s where a CEO disguises himself as an employee in his own company to see what really occurs on the front lines of his business. A version of that occurs everyday at Eastside Dental Service in Tucson, but there’s nothing undercover about it! Scott Huffstetler, the owner of Eastside Dental Service, works in the lab creating removable dentures and partials, side by side with his employees, every single day. As a highly trained Certified Dental Technician, Scott is very much hands-on in his own company. … Continue reading

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Dr. Taylor, Dr. Martin, and their entire staff are the very best. The front desk staff, the dental assistants, and dental hygienists are excellent. I’ve been to many dentists over the years, and they are the most skilled and professional group of people that I have encountered. You can be confident you will be fully informed about what is recommended for a treatment plan and what it will cost. I’ve had the gamut of dental procedures — crowns, implants, root canals, and more routine care. It’s been made as pleasant and comfortable as possible by their skill, as well as their kindness and understanding. I wholeheartedly recommend Martin and Taylor Dentistry.

Alice L.

Alice L. 4 months ago

I have been a patient of Dr. Taylor’s for most of my adult hood. I have had everything done from a filling to multiple dental implants. All of my procedures have been straightforward with zero complications and as little discomfort as possible. Even after my implants I had minimal pain! Before I saw Dr. Taylor I was terrified of dentists, but he put me at ease with his expertise. The hygienists are kind, thorough but gentle, and knowledgeable. The office staff is very friendly and helpful. The office itself is modern and impeccably clean. I highly recommend Martin Tayler dentistry and won’t trust my teeth to any other dentists.

Rosemary B.

Rosemary B. 3 months ago