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3 Reasons Why You Have Receding Gums

Girl smiling

Anyone who has experienced receding gums knows it can be a painful condition. Gum recession happens when the gum tissue that surrounds a tooth pulls back or wears away. The tooth or even the root can become exposed. This creates pockets or gaps between the tooth and the gum where bacteria can grow and cause decay, infection, and even tooth loss. Why does this condition occur? Dr. Jeff Martin points to three main reasons: periodontal disease, over-brushing, and overnight teeth grinding. Periodontal Disease and Receding Gums Periodontal disease is the primary cause of gum recession. This disease is a bacterial … Continue reading

The Secret to Reversing Tooth Decay

Reversing Tooth Decay Fillings, root canals, crowns – these words are all too familiar for many people. Most have at least one of them in their mouth. Tooth decay is the major reason for regular dental care, and many just accept at some time in their life, they’ll need a filling or two. What most don’t realize is there are easy ways to reverse tooth decay in its early stages, preventing the need for dental treatment. In an interview with Dr. William Taylor, he gives helpful information on reversing tooth decay to enjoy stronger, healthier teeth. What Is Tooth Decay? Everyone … Continue reading

3 Good Reasons to Replace Silver Fillings

3 good reasons to replace silver fillings in Tucson AZ area

Silver. It tends to bring images of age to our minds. Silver hair, silver anniversaries, silver alerts. But we may not realize silver fillings can also be an indicator of our age. Since for over a decade, most dentists have only been using white composite for fillings, silver is often only found in the mouths of us baby boomers. So are there legitimate reasons to have silver fillings replaced? The myth has been debunked that they are unhealthy because of a minute amount of mercury. However, there are definitely some good reasons to replace silver fillings with a white composite material. If … Continue reading

3 Common Causes of Dry Mouth

Dry mouth (or xerostomia) is a condition that plagues many patients. This condition can be uncomfortable and lead to problems like sores in the mouth, cracked lips, sore throat, and bad breath. Luckily, treatments do exist to remedy dry salivary glands. If you’re experiencing dryness or a sticky feeling in your mouth, thick saliva, difficulty swallowing, or a sore throat and think you may have xerostomia, contact us at  Martin Taylor Dentistry about possible solutions. It can also help to know the most common causes of dry mouth. Here are three! Some Chronic Diseases According to a comprehensive study of xerostomia by the American … Continue reading

Hydro-Flossing or String Flossing?

Hydro flossing

Which Is Better? The Great Dental Debate of 2018 doesn’t necessarily cover anything new, yet it’s become central to conversations surrounding dental hygiene lately: hydro-flossing or string flossing? Advocates from both sides believe their method is superior, but is there any research supporting a clear winner? The answer is murky, but one thing’s for sure: flossing of some kind is still a definite do in oral care – despite the 2016 “Flossgate” sparked by an Associated Press release. Here’s what industry leaders know about both flossing approaches so far. What Is Hydro-Flossing? Hydro-flossing has been around since its introduction in 1962. In essence, … Continue reading

Cone Beam Technology Now Available at Martin Taylor Dentistry!

Cone beam technology

We are excited to announce we now have cone beam technology available for our patients here at Martin– Taylor Dentistry! Dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) is a variety of x-ray equipment used in dentistry for specific procedures. When typical facial or dental x-ray equipment is not able to provide enough information about the issue in question, dentists choose this option. Cone beam technology can create three-dimensional images of nerve pathways, soft tissues, bone and teeth all in one scan. How Cone Beam Technology Works Considering the advanced nature of the technology, the process of a cone beam CT is relatively simple. An … Continue reading

Why Do I Always Have Bad Breath?

Bad breath

And Other Frequently Asked Dental Questions How Often Do I Need to Visit the Dentist? Every six months for children and adults is recommended for proper preventative maintenance. Many people believe brushing and flossing consistently justifies fewer dental visits, which is simply not true. Cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer are all dental problems that aren’t evident until later stages when problems begin to develop. Visiting every six months will ensure any issues with your teeth, gums, or mouth are treated early. Waiting until issues develop symptoms can make them more difficult to treat. What is the Best Way to … Continue reading

I Have a Cracked Tooth, Now What?

Repairing cracked tooth

A cracked tooth seems to occur at the worst times, usually at night or on the weekend. You then spend your time fretting about how to get it fixed while hiding in your house. Never fear, we’re here to help! What Type of Cracked Tooth Do You Have? There are different types of cracked teeth, ranging from minor inconveniences to cracks resulting in tooth loss. The type of cracked tooth determines how the tooth will be repaired. Craze Lines These cracks are common in adults when tooth enamel begins to thin. They are shallow and do not cause any pain, … Continue reading

Should I Get Dental Implants?

should i get dental implants in Tucson, AZ area

You may wonder, “Should I get Dental Implants?” In many cases, the answer to that question is a big YES. Dental implants are a great option for those with missing, cracked, or severely discolored teeth. Often, people with these problems suffer from confidence issues and avoid smiling. With modern dental procedures, no one should avoid smiling for these reasons. There are several options available to replace teeth, but dental implants are the longest lasting and most low maintenance. If you are a healthy adult with good oral hygiene, dental implants are something to seriously consider. What Are Dental Implants Dental … Continue reading

5 Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Dentist

5 things you should consider when choosing a dentist in Tucson AZ area

Choosing a dentist is a task best completed before there’s an emergency. Most people don’t enjoy going to the dentist, and if you don’t find someone with whom you’re comfortable, you might find yourself putting off care that is critical to your long-term oral health. You want to find the professional who has the office, personality, professionalism and staff that puts you at ease. When you find the dentist that fits your needs and start building a lasting relationship, you experience a lifetime of healthy smiles. Check Reputation If the dentist you’re considering has years of experience, he or she … Continue reading

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Dr. Taylor, Dr. Martin, and their entire staff are the very best. The front desk staff, the dental assistants, and dental hygienists are excellent. I’ve been to many dentists over the years, and they are the most skilled and professional group of people that I have encountered. You can be confident you will be fully informed about what is recommended for a treatment plan and what it will cost. I’ve had the gamut of dental procedures — crowns, implants, root canals, and more routine care. It’s been made as pleasant and comfortable as possible by their skill, as well as their kindness and understanding. I wholeheartedly recommend Martin and Taylor Dentistry.

Alice L.

Alice L. 4 months ago

I have been a patient of Dr. Taylor’s for most of my adult hood. I have had everything done from a filling to multiple dental implants. All of my procedures have been straightforward with zero complications and as little discomfort as possible. Even after my implants I had minimal pain! Before I saw Dr. Taylor I was terrified of dentists, but he put me at ease with his expertise. The hygienists are kind, thorough but gentle, and knowledgeable. The office staff is very friendly and helpful. The office itself is modern and impeccably clean. I highly recommend Martin Tayler dentistry and won’t trust my teeth to any other dentists.

Rosemary B.

Rosemary B. 3 months ago

Welcome the newest member of our team at Martin Taylor Dentistry, Dr. Melvin Abraham!