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At Martin Taylor Dentistry in Tucson, AZ, preventative care is the cornerstone of our dental practice. With a combination of good home hygiene and regular professional cleanings and check-ups, your risk of suffering from tooth decay, gum disease, and oral health issues is greatly reduced, which means you can spend less time and money in the dental chair and instead focus on doing the things you love.

The value of preventative dentistry

With today’s busy schedules and everyone seemingly being pulled in many different directions at all times, it can be difficult to make time for routine dental appointments. However, by visiting the dentist at the intervals Dr. Martin or Dr. Taylor recommend for your individual needs, it can truly save you time and money in the long run, not to mention the pain and discomfort associated with oral health issues. Dental hygiene visits are an effective way to both prevent and detect problems with your teeth and gums.

What to expect at your preventative visit

Each routine hygiene visit is composed of two main components: a professional cleaning and a thorough evaluation of your teeth and gums.

During your cleaning, our experienced, skilled dental hygienists will use the latest dental technologies to remove any built-up debris, plaque, and tartar from your teeth. This includes both the surfaces of your teeth that you can see, as well as beneath the gum line, where plaque tends to build up and cause periodontal diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis. While it may seem like brushing and flossing regularly at home is sufficient, in many cases, there is plaque beneath the gum line and tartar buildup on teeth that, once formed, cannot be removed by brushing and flossing alone. Professional cleaning removes these disease-causing areas from your teeth and gums to give you a healthy, clean slate until your next visit. We then polish and floss your teeth for a pearly white shine.

The examination portion of your visit is just as important for your long-term oral health. The dentist will:

  • Visually examine your teeth and gums for any signs of inflammation, decay, or disease
  • Use modern, minimal  x-ray imaging to check for any issues with your teeth and jawbone that are invisible to the naked eye
  • Screen for issues such as oral cancer
  • Discuss any concerns or issues that you may be having with your teeth and gums

Whether you are a new patient seeking out a dentist you can trust for your family’s dental care needs or your family has been seeing our dentists for generations, we are here to serve you with compassionate, friendly care. Call Martin Taylor Dentistry in Tucson, AZ today at (520) 600-6925 to schedule your family’s preventative care visits!

Martin Taylor Dentistry

Dr. Jeff Martin and Dr. William Taylor

Martin-Taylor Dentistry is a partnership between Dr. Jeff Martin and Dr. William Taylor. Highly skilled and experienced, they provide emergency, preventative, restorative, cosmetic, children’s, and implant dentistry services.

Dr. Martin is an alumnus of the University of Arizona and Baylor College of Dentistry. He established his practice in 1978. Dr. Martin has completed on 1,500 hours of continuing education in dentistry. Dr. Taylor studied at the University of Arizona and the University of Southern California. He is experienced in general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry. Dr Taylor has also completed many hours of continuing education.
Both are licensed and skilled in sedation dentistry, so you can be as comfortable as possible.

Together with their excellent team, Martin-Taylor Dentistry will take great care of you.

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Dr. Taylor, Dr. Martin, and their entire staff are the very best. The front desk staff, the dental assistants, and dental hygienists are excellent. I’ve been to many dentists over the years, and they are the most skilled and professional group of people that I have encountered. You can be confident you will be fully informed about what is recommended for a treatment plan and what it will cost. I’ve had the gamut of dental procedures — crowns, implants, root canals, and more routine care. It’s been made as pleasant and comfortable as possible by their skill, as well as their kindness and understanding. I wholeheartedly recommend Martin and Taylor Dentistry.

Alice L.

Alice L. 4 months ago

I have been a patient of Dr. Taylor’s for most of my adult hood. I have had everything done from a filling to multiple dental implants. All of my procedures have been straightforward with zero complications and as little discomfort as possible. Even after my implants I had minimal pain! Before I saw Dr. Taylor I was terrified of dentists, but he put me at ease with his expertise. The hygienists are kind, thorough but gentle, and knowledgeable. The office staff is very friendly and helpful. The office itself is modern and impeccably clean. I highly recommend Martin Tayler dentistry and won’t trust my teeth to any other dentists.

Rosemary B.

Rosemary B. 3 months ago

Welcome the newest member of our team at Martin Taylor Dentistry, Dr. Melvin Abraham!